What is the Difference between Electromagnetic Wire and Enameled Wire?

What is the difference between electromagnetic wire and enameled wire? Enameled wire is a kind of electromagnetic wire.
Electromagnetic wire: it is the coil or winding used for motor, electric appliance and electrical instrument, and the wire that has realized electromagnetic energy conversion, also known as winding wire. According to the material, structure, heat-resistant grade and application of the insulating layer, it can be divided into four categories: enameled wire, wound wire, inorganic insulated electromagnetic wire and special electromagnetic wire.
enameled wires
Enameled wire: the insulating paint is applied on the conductive wire core and dried to form a paint film as the insulating layer. The common enameled wire can be divided into acetal, polyester, polyurethane, epoxy, polyesterimide, oil enameled wire, etc. the special enameled wire includes self-adhesive direct welding enameled wire, self-adhesive enameled wire, refrigerant resistant enameled wire, etc.
② The electromagnetic wire wrapped with insulating paper, glass wire, natural wire and synthetic wire is tightly wrapped on the bare wire or enameled wire, and the electromagnetic wire forming the insulating layer is called wrapped electromagnetic wire. Including wire, glass wire, paper wire, film wire, etc.
③ Inorganic insulated electromagnetic wire: it is the electromagnetic wire with inorganic insulating materials, such as ceramic, glass film, oxide film, etc. as the insulating layer.
④ Special electromagnetic wire: it is an electromagnetic wire with insulation structure and characteristics suitable for special occasions, such as medium and high frequency winding wire, polyethylene insulated nylon sheathed submersible motor winding, etc.
enameled wire

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