What is the Difference Between 3240 Epoxy Board and FR4 Epoxy Board?

What is the difference between 3240 epoxy board and FR4 epoxy board? We can call it 3240 epoxy board using domestic general materials, and epoxy board made using foreign production materials, we can call it imported insulating board or FR4 epoxy board. But the two are very different in terms of physical properties or chemical properties. Now I will give you a brief introduction:
1, 3240 epoxy board, the general name is: 3240 epoxy phenolic resin glass fiber cloth laminate. The glue it uses is epoxy resin glue, with phenolic material as curing agent. The temperature resistance is generally 155 degrees. Mechanical processing performance is better. It is also very suitable for use in transformers and transformer oils. The density generally does not exceed the national standard: 1.9. But now there are many manufacturers in China, in order to save costs in the production process, and join fillers, such as talc and so on. Make its density greatly increased. It also greatly reduced its electrical performance. Only applicable to general insulation engineering.
epoxy sheets 3240
2. FR4 epoxy board, Also used is epoxy resin glue. But it does not use phenolic materials as curing agents. It is purely cured under high temperature conditions. Make it more pure with glue. The temperature resistance is generally above 180 degrees. Mechanical processing performance is very strong. For example, we once did an experiment, cutting with a cutting machine actually made the cutting machine spark. Visible its mechanical processing performance. And it will not crack and layer. The electrical performance is very strong. Suitable for electronic circuit boards and copper clad laminates. The base material is also all fine cloth. Fiber cloth for electronics. Its general density is 1.85. It is resistant to chemical corrosion.
fr 4 sheet
This is the difference between 3240 epoxy board and FR4 epoxy board.

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