What Are the Differences Between Epoxy Board and Bakelite?

Epoxy board, also known as epoxy glass fiber board, is a kind of insulation materials, epoxy phenolic laminated glass cloth board, is a polymer that can be used in medium temperature environments. According to the degree of heat resistance, epoxy board will be divided into Y, A, E, B, F, H, C and other levels.
epoxy board
Bakelite boards are phenolic boards. The strength of epoxy resin board is much higher than that of bakelite. The bakelite has low resistance, poor elasticity and brittleness, so it cannot be used as an arched arm.
1. The price of epoxy board and bakelite board is not much different. The epoxy board is 28-30 yuan / m2, and the electrical board is 24-26 yuan / m2.
2. The shortening rate of epoxy board and bakelite board is related to the resin composition and processing method.
3. In addition to the price and material advantages of epoxy board and bakelite, bakelite has no advantage. Epoxy boards are still easy to use.
The epoxy resin is composed of epoxy resin and high-pressure glass fiber cloth. Press the circuit board with phenolic resin and some powder and cotton. Therefore, the function of bakelite boards is better than the physical treatment of epoxy boards.

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