What are The Characteristics of GPO-3 Insulation Material?

What are the characteristics of GPO-3 insulation material?
GPO-3 is a good insulating material and is widely used in the mechanical and electrical industries. What good product properties does GPO-3 win? As a manufacturer of GPO-3, let me introduce you today!
1. GPO-3 insulation material is flame-retardant: Because the GPO-3 insulation material is halogen-free, it has good flame-retardant properties and will not produce toxic gases when a fire occurs. .
2. The mechanical properties of GPO-3 insulating materials are good: because the main material of GPO-3 is high-strength glass fiber, it is not easy to crack and it is easy to bend to a diameter of 19mm.

3. GPO-3 insulation materials can withstand high temperatures: Because of the special properties of the material, GPO-3 can have UL temperature rating indicators in the 120-210 ℃ electronic and 130-210 ℃ mechanical range. With super stable performance.
4. GPO-3 insulation material has good insulation performance: it is a high-quality insulation material and is widely used in the electrical industry
5. The production of GPO-3 insulation materials is simple and easy to shape: GPO-3 insulation materials are simple and convenient to process, and can be stamped, drilled, machined, sheared and frosted.
These are the characteristics of GPO-3 insulation materials, if you need, you can contact us!

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