What Are The Advantages of Insulating the Motor Insulation?

What are the advantages of insulating the motor insulation?
(1) The moisture resistance of motor insulation can be improved by insulation treatment
Any insulating material must absorb moisture more or less in humid air. For example, electrical paperboard, the moisture in the air is easy to penetrate into the interior of the insulating material along the capillary, so the performance of the insulating material is significantly reduced. The insulation treatment will form a layer of smooth non pinhole paint film or insulation sealing layer on the surface of winding and coil, which can greatly reduce the moisture intrusion and improve the moisture-proof performance of the motor.
(2) The heat resistance of motor insulation is improved by insulation treatment
Before the motor insulating material is impregnated with insulating paint, after the material is heated, it will decompose gas water molecules and other low molecular substances, accompanied by oxidation, material performance changes, such as mechanical strength reduction, moisture resistance reduction, material embrittlement, successive electrical performance such as insulation resistance, breakdown voltage reduction, this phenomenon is called aging of insulating material, but insulation treatment The contact area between the insulation material and the air is greatly reduced, and the oxidation speed is greatly reduced. Under the same service life, the service temperature of the motor can be increased. Therefore, the heat resistance of motor insulation is improved.

(3) The insulation material of motor improves the thermal conductivity of motor
There are a lot of air gaps in the insulating layer of the motor, but the thermal conductivity of the air gap is relatively low. After the air gap is filled with the impregnated paint, because the thermal conductivity of the impregnated paint and the filling body is better than that of the air gap, the heat conduction of the motor and the electrical winding is correspondingly increased, so the temperature rise of the motor will be greatly reduced. The experimental data shows that the temperature rise can be reduced by 10-20%.
(4) Improvement of electrical and mechanical properties of  insulation materials  of motors by insulation treatment
After the insulation treatment of motor winding and coil, the winding and iron core are bonded into a solid whole. The paint film fills the gap between the inner part of the winding and the slot, and forms a certain thickness of insulation layer at the end of the winding. There is no gap in the inner part, and the moisture is not easy to enter. Therefore, the insulation resistance and breakdown voltage are improved. At the same time, the winding and the iron core are not relatively moved, and have sufficient mechanical strength To resist the external vibration and stress, and bear the mechanical impact in the process of motor assembly, thus avoiding the damage of mechanical action.
After the motor winding is impregnated, the winding insulation system and the iron core form a solid whole, which reduces the mechanical vibration and electromagnetic force vibration caused by the operation of the motor, and plays a role of mechanical reinforcement to avoid damage to the insulation structure between the conductors or between the conductors and the iron core groove wall due to loose vibration and displacement friction. The organic insulating material inside the motor not only improves the heat resistance and electrical performance, but also improves the mechanical strength of the insulating material itself. Because when the insulating material is heated, the material will change, decompose and release gas, water and carbon, and the material will lose flexibility. However, after immersion treatment, the process of cracking and hydrolysis in the hot state can be greatly delayed, and the mechanical flexibility of the material can be maintained for a long time. At the same time, the paint film formed by the insulating paint has certain elasticity and adhesion in the hot state, so as to make the bond between the materials The strength of the system has been greatly enhanced by strengthening the joint efforts to form a solid whole.
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(5) Improving the chemical corrosion resistance of motor insulation material through insulation treatment
After the motor is impregnated, it can prevent the insulation material from directly contacting with various solvents and corrosive chemicals around the motor, which can improve the stability of the motor against chemicals. Due to the insulation encapsulation, it can cut off the contact with foreign matters outside, improve the stability of the winding, and select the appropriate materials can also make the winding insulation have mildew proof, oil proof, corona proof Flame retardant and other properties.
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