The Importance of the Quality of Insulation Paper and the Application of NMN Insulation Paper

The quality of insulation paper has a directly influence on the service life of electrical equipment, and it also plays an important role in the improvement of equipment technology. Therefore, to improve the performance of electrical equipment, it is necessary to improve the technology of insulation materials.

In the manufacture of insulation paper, material composition, process, storage and use will all affect its service life. In the use of all kinds of electrical equipment, special instruments should be used for performance testing to ensure the quality of products. At the same time, the aging of insulation paper is also the key to influencing the operation of the equipment. It also needs to adjust the environment.

For example, NMN insulation paper is a kind of flexible composite insulation materials made of a layer of polyester film and two sides of Nomex papers. Its temperature classification is F and it has good mechanical properties, such as high tensile strength, strong edge anti-tearing resistance and good electrical strength.

NMN insulation paper has a smooth surface, therefore it can ensure trouble-free in the production of low voltage motor using automatic logoff machine. That is to say, NMN insulation paper is mainly used for slot, cover and between-phases insulation of low voltage motor. In addition, it also can be used for layer insulation for transformers or other appliances.

And the NMN insulating paper soaked in electrolyte is the negative plate, while the insulating effect is the oxide layer on the outer layer of the anode, and the shining aluminum acts as the negative lead. When the electrolytic capacitor is added to the reverse voltage, the layer of oxide will be broken down and the electricity will leak.

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