Standard and Classification of Insulation Board FR4

Today we introduce the standard and classification of insulation board FR4:
Insulation Board FR4 Industry Association
A insulation material standard stipulated by the NEMA American Electrical Manufacturers Association. The corresponding IEC standard is EPGC202, and there is no corresponding standard in China.
The closest domestic standard is 3240 epoxy laminated glass cloth board. The corresponding IEC standard of IEC 3240 is EPGC201, and there is only a difference in flame retardancy between EPGC201 and EPGC202. Therefore, it can be simply considered that FR-4 is an improved product with enhanced flame retardancy of 3240.

The surface colors of FR-4 epoxy glass cloth laminate are:
Yellow FR-4, white FR-4, black FR-4, blue FR-4, etc.
FR-4 is a substrate used in PCBs, and is a type of board. Sheets are classified into the following four types according to their reinforcing materials:
1) FR-4: glass cloth substrate
2) FR-1, FR-2, etc .: Paper substrate
3) CEM series: composite substrate
4) Special material substrate (ceramic, metal base, etc.) FR-4 is a plate-like laminate made of special electronic cloth impregnated with epoxy phenolic resin and other materials and hot-pressed at high temperature and pressure.
Features of Insulation Board FR4: High mechanical and dielectric properties, good heat and moisture resistance, and good machinability.
Uses of Insulation Board FR4: Used as insulation structural parts in motors and electrical equipment, including various types of switches FPC to reinforce electrical insulation carbon film printed circuit boards, computer tooling pads, etc. Used in transformer oil.
FR4 insulation board application:
FR-4 epoxy glass fiber board (epoxy board), the main material is imported prepreg, the color is white, yellow, green, and still has high mechanical strength at room temperature 150 ℃, good electrical properties in dry and wet conditions, resistance Insulation structural parts used in industries such as electricity and electronics are carefully manufactured using imported raw materials, domestic presses and standard processes; the main specifications are 1000 * 2000 mm 1020mm * 1220mm, because of the advantages of raw materials, which guarantees high quality and good prices Cheap and timely delivery, has a solid customer base at home and abroad, and enjoys a high reputation.

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