Processing Technology of FR4 Epoxy Fiber Sheets

Epoxy fiberglass board is a term often mentioned in insulating materials. It is composed of fiberglass material and high heat-resistant composite material. FR4 is a code for the grade of fire-resistant material and has the best performance in epoxy fiberglass board. It can withstand high temperature up to 180 C. The models of epoxy fiberglass board are 3240, FR4, G10, G11, etc.

When processing FR4 epoxy board, attention should be paid to: first of all, injection moulds, high temperature materials and low temperature film should be paid attention to when injection moulds. If the same machine works, heat insulation method should be adopted. Heat insulation board can be used to meet this requirement. In the production process, quality stability should be guaranteed, overheating of the machine should be prevented, no electrical faults, oil leakage of the hydraulic system should be avoided. Epoxy board is widely used in insulating materials. It has flame retardant and insulating properties in electronic appliances. If it is not used properly in electronic appliances, it will affect the operation of the whole equipment.

The above introduced some small skills in processing FR4  epoxy board. ZTelec Group has decades of research experience in processing epoxy board technology. All of them are using imported raw materials, advanced equipment, flat edge of plate cutting, no burrs, bright and flat surface of finished products. You can contact us if you need to buy epoxy glass fiber board.

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