Polyester film has excellent strength and dimensional stability

Polyester film is a kind of polymer plastic film. Because of its comprehensive properties, it is more and more popular with consumers. At present, China’s production and technological level still can not meet the market demand, some still need to rely on imports. Due to the complexity and difficulty of judging polyester film, customs supervision is facing many difficulties. Polyester film
A heat shrinkable polyester film comprises a polyester film and a coating formed on one or both sides of the polyester film, in which the coating comprises carboxyl end groups. For copolyesters at 70 – 80 C, the heat shrinkable film has excellent properties and is suitable for labeling or shrinkage of packaging containers. Polyester film

Bidirectionally oriented polyester film (BOPET) is a kind of high-grade thin film, which is made of light material (also known as large-scale optical material), i.e. adding titanium dioxide into raw polyester chip, after drying, melting, extrusion, casting and vertical and transverse stretching, and is widely used. Unidirectional stretching polyester film (Cpet) is made of semi-matting material (raw polyester chip without adding titanium dioxide powder), which is dried, melted, extruded, cast and lengthwise stretched. It has the lowest grade and price of polyester film, and is mainly used for tablet packaging. Due to the small usage and small scale of the manufacturer, which accounts for about 5% of the polyester film field, China’s enterprises import less, the standard thickness is 150 micrometers.
Polyester film

With excellent strength and dimensional stability, cold resistance and chemical stability, it is widely used in composite packaging, photographic film, metal evaporation, audio and video recording and other substrates. It has good transparency, high stiffness, thermal stability, good surface smoothness, uniform longitudinal and transverse tensile properties, and excellent waterproof, oil-proof, chemical protection and other properties. We are committed to protecting the packaging of pictures, documents, documents and office supplies, making the film smooth and beautiful as a protective coating, which can maintain the original clarity and deformation.

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