Performance and Application of Insulation Film

The insulating film is made of several kinds of polymer materials. It is characterized by thin thickness, 0.006-0.5mm, soft moisture resistance, good electrical and mechanical properties, high chemical stability. It is mainly used for winding insulation of motors, electrical coils, wires and cables and as capacitor medium.

Polyester film
Polyester film is a colorless transparent film with high tensile strength, electrical insulation strength, heat resistance and humidity resistance. It is stable to most chemicals and solvents and not to produce mildew. However, it has poor arc resistance and alkali resistance. Its working temperature is -60-120℃. It is suitable for slot insulation in low voltage motors, insulating tapes for phase insulation and forming coils, often green and green. Shell and paper are used together to avoid mechanical damage.

Polyimide film
The film has excellent high temperature resistance, cold resistance, radiation resistance and insulation properties. It can work at 250 ℃ for a long time. It can work at 400 ℃ for several hours and carbonize at over 800 ℃, but it does not burn. It also has good water resistance, wear resistance, arc resistance, all organic solvents and acids resistance, and has anti-Freon performance. But it is not resistant to strong alkali and should not be used in oil. It is suitable for insulating high temperature electrical components.

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