Line protection of Oil-immersed transformer can improve its working life

oil immersed transformer

In order to ensure the service life of oil-immersed transformer, it is necessary to protect the line. Oil-immersed transformer manufacturers: As long as there are no problems in the operation of oil-immersed transformer lines, the service life of transformers can be guaranteed. Next, look at oil-immersed transformer line protection.
For the main transformer of workshop substation with 6-10KV high voltage side, overcurrent protection with time limit is usually installed. If the operation time of over-current protection is more than 0.5-0.7s, the current quick-break protection should also be installed. Oil-immersed transformers with capacity of 800 KV. A and above and oil-immersed transformers with capacity of 400 KV. A and above should be equipped with gas protection according to regulations.

35KV Grade Oil-immersed Transformer S11-630~31500/35
Transformers with capacity of 400 KV. A and above should be equipped with overload protection according to possible overload conditions when several transformers operate side by side or single transformer is used as standby power supply for other loads. Overload protection and gas protection act on signals when slight faults occur, while other protections, including gas protection, generally operate on tripping when serious faults occur.
For the main transformer of general step-down substation with high voltage side of 35 KV or above, overcurrent protection, current quick-break protection and gas protection should also be installed. In case of possible overload, overload protection should also be installed. However, if the capacity of a single transformer runs at 1000KV A or above and the capacity of each transformer runs in parallel at 6300KV A or above, the longitudinal differential protection is required to replace the current quick-break protection.

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