Introduction of Three Kinds of Insulation Paper Commonly Used in Transformers

We know that a transformer is a device used to change the AC voltage. During long-term operation, there may be a danger of electrical conduction. Therefore, during use, we also need to use insulating materials, such as insulating paper. However, choosing such a product is not so simple. Let us look at three kinds of insulation paper commonly used in transformers.
1. Kraft insulation paper commonly used in transformers, yellow color, thickness between 0.13mm and 0.5mm.
Kraft insulation paper
2. Nomex insulation paper commonly used in transformers. Also known as Nome paper, it is light yellow in color and has a thickness between 0.05 mm and 0.76 mm.
Nomex insulation paper
3. NMN insulation paper commonly used in transformers. Thickness: 0.1-0.5 mm.
NMN insulation paper
The colors and thicknesses of three kinds of insulation paper commonly used in transformers are described above, such as kraft paper for transformers, NOMEX insulation paper and NMN insulation paper. Because different thicknesses of insulation materials have different insulation effects, different types of insulation paper also have different insulation effects. I hope the above will help you choose the right transformer insulation paper.

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