Introduction of Fiber Casing

Fiber casing, a kind electrical insulation materials, also known as: fiberglass casings, fiber high temperature casings, ceramic fiber casings, fiber casings are made of fiberglass reinforced woven casings, suitable for continuous high temperature operation at 538 degrees. Its insulation capacity and low price are the most economical choice for protecting hoses and cables. According to the technology, there are three kinds of fiberglass casing: single-layer fiberglass pipe, outer glue inner fiber fiberglass pipe, inner glue outer fiber fiberglass pipe. Withstand voltage level: 1.2KV, 1.5kV, 4KV, 7kv, etc.
Fiber Casing
Fiber casing performance:
The synthesis of special high temperature resistant materials determines that the fiber sleeve has many characteristics that are difficult to be replaced by other similar materials: high temperature resistance, heat preservation and insulation, fire resistance, electrical insulation, chemical stability, weather aging resistance, cold resistance, etc
Fiber casing:
The silica fiber sleeve is woven from silica fiber, which has the same high temperature resistance as the silica blanket. In addition to hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid and strong base, it can withstand a variety of industrial chemicals, its strength and ductility as well as the dielectric value up to 40V / M IL, and it is also the best insulating material for conductivity wire and instrument wire. The service temperature of silica fiber sleeve: continuous operation temperature 538 ℃, maximum instantaneous temperature 705 ℃.
Fiber casing:
The glass fiber yarn is woven into the blank tube, and then coated with various insulation grade paint tubes made of resin material by heating and drying. There are PVC glass fiber tubes, silicone glass fiber tubes, acrylic glass fiber tubes, etc. the insulation grade is B, F, h, etc.
Fiber Casing

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