Insulation Sleeves is a general term

The insulating sleeve is a kind of insulating material, which is a general term. There are glass fiber insulation sleeves, PVC sleeves, heat shrinkable tubes, etc. for electrical materials.

When the voltage level is high (20 ~ 30kV), the inside of the cavity will act as a corona failure, and then the cavity short circuit structure will be adopted. The inner wall of the porcelain sleeve of the porcelain sleeve is coated with a semiconductor glaze, and the spring is connected with the conductor to shorten the air cavity to eliminate the internal corona. However, there may still be corona and slip near the flange. Usually, a large shed is placed on each surface of the porcelain sleeve near the flanges, and a semiconductor layer is applied near the flange to evenly distribute the electric field to improve the discharge characteristics of the sleeve.

Composite material: Oil or natural gas as an insulating medium, usually made of transformer casing or circuit breaker casing, usually used for the following 35kV voltage class. The conductor of the composite insulating sleeve and the cavity of the porcelain sleeve are filled with transformer oil and are insulated by radial. When the voltage exceeds 35kV, the conductor is placed on the conductor or the covered wire to enhance the insulation. The conductor structure of the composite insulating sleeve is of two types, a cable and a guide rod. Easy to install by cable.

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