Insulation Material Inside Transformer

The oil-immersed transformers used in the power grid generally use oil-paper insulation structure. The cardboard has good insulation material performance and a relative dielectric coefficient of about 3.72. The main role of transformer insulation oil is insulation and cooling. Insulation oil Can take away the excess heat generated during the operation of the transformer. The insulation system composed of insulation paper and insulation oil has very good electrical performance. Under a short period of voltage, its withstand voltage can reach 50-120kV / mm, and the manufacturing process is very convenient.
(1) Transformer insulating oil of Insulation Material Inside Transformer
The original insulating oil was composed of paraffin, but after the aging of the transformer, it formed a sludge that was difficult to dissolve, increased the viscosity of the insulating oil, and the heat absorption and heat transfer performance were also reduced a lot. Compared with paraffin, Naphthenic oil is easily oxidized, but its products are easily soluble in insulating oil, so it is widely used in power systems.
The choice of crude oil is a very important part of the insulating oil in the manufacturing process. The degree of crude oil refining, the refining process, and the refining process will all have a great impact on the content of each component in the final product. The finished insulating oil is a mixture of naphthenes, alkanes and aromatic hydrocarbons in a certain ratio, with good electrical characteristics, gettering properties and chemical stability.
The naphthenes in transformer insulating oil have good chemical stability and dielectric stability. The change of ambient temperature has little effect on its viscosity. The molecule is a closed ring chain, the structure is tight, it is not easy to damage, and the freezing point is low. Wide temperature range, small dielectric loss factor, high dielectric strength, but slightly poorer oxidation resistance.
(2) Insulation paper of Insulation Material Inside Transformer
The main material of insulating paper is cellulose, which has been discussed in the previous chapter. The main component of cellulose is composed of long-chain sugars and monosaccharides. The content of this cellulose is not pure, because on wood and other herbs It is difficult to find 100% pure cellulose. Generally speaking, the source wood from insulating paper also contains about 15% lignin. The cellulose content is generally about 55%, and about 30% is half Cellulose.
In the manufacturing process of insulation paper, the source wood must be pre-treated chemically, mainly to remove the majority of lignin and hemicellulose. The commonly used chemical agent is sulfate. After chemical treatment, the cellulose content in the finished insulation paper reaches Between 80% -90%.
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