How to Improve the Insulation Performance of Dry-type Transformer

Dry-type transformer is a kind of electric power equipment, there is a large amount of internal charge, electric energy is relatively large, for the dry-type transformer live is also a great danger to the human body, can make people more easily electric shock. In order to improve the protection measures of dry-type transformer, it is necessary to increase the insulation performance of dry-type transformer for dry-type transformer.

In this way, the faults of dry-type transformer will be reduced. The insulation performance of dry-type transformer is to be increased, but it is also to pay attention to scientific methods. In order to achieve safe operation of dry-type transformer, we should try our best to play a role and advantages in increasing insulation performance.

The following are the ways to improve the insulation performance of dry-type transformers for your reference:

As for the insulation of dry-type transformer, we should start from two aspects. On the one hand, we should prevent or reduce the influence of bad external factors, do well the daily maintenance of dry-type transformer and ensure the normal operation of dry-type transformer. At the same time, in use, every link should be carried out in accordance with the norms to reduce man-made faults. Specific methods are as follows:

1) To ensure that dry-type transformers do not overload operation, operating temperature should not exceed the maximum temperature allowed by insulating materials.
2) To prevent sudden short-circuit at the outlet of dry-type transformer, especially sudden short-circuit caused by accidental external factors and environmental factors.
3) Strengthen the on-line diagnosis of dry-type transformer and forecast its faults in advance, such as partial discharge measurement, oil temperature and coil temperature measurement, chromatographic analysis of insulating oil, micro-water analysis in oil, detection of characteristic gas, free gas and total hydrocarbon. Testing can be carried out before, during, during and under special circumstances according to national standards.
4) Improve lightning protection measures and heat dissipation methods.
On the other hand, to prevent the insulation aging of dry-type transformer is to ensure the accuracy and perfection of the design of dry-type transformer from the development, research and design of the main transformer. The main methods are:
1) Improving the distribution of electric field in dry-type transformer by applying end coil and angle ring at the end of winding.
2) Cake-type entangled winding.
3) Insert capacitance with inner shield.
4) Adopt high-quality insulation materials.
5) To optimize the insulation margin of dry-type transformer, a three-dimensional model is used to calculate accurately the insulation margin of dry-type transformer.

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