How Many Uses Do Polyimide Films Have?Our Product Has Been Packed to Indian

Polyimide film is one of the earliest products of polyimide, which is used for slot insulation of motor and cable winding material. The main products are DuPont Kapton, Upilex series produced by Umo and Zhongyuan Apical. Transparent polyimide film can be used as a soft solar cell substrate. IKAROS sails are made of polyimide film and fibers. In the thermal power sector, polyimide fibers can be used to filter hot gases. Polyimide yarns can separate dust and special chemicals from waste gases.

Coatings: Used as insulating paint for electromagnetic wire, or as high temperature resistant paint.
Advanced Composites: Used in aerospace, aircraft and rocket components. It is one of the most heat-resistant structural materials. For example, the US supersonic airliner plans to design a speed of 2.4M, a surface temperature of 177 C during flight, and a service life of 60,000 H. It has been reported that 50% of the structural materials are carbon fiber reinforced composites based on thermoplastic polyimide resin, and the dosage of each aircraft is about 30 tons.
Fiber: The modulus of elasticity is second only to that of carbon fibers. It is used as filter material for high temperature media and radioactive materials and as bullet-proof and fire-proof fabric. Various polyimide products are produced in Changchun, China.
Foam plastics: Used as heat-resistant and heat-insulating materials.
Engineering plastics: Thermosetting and thermoplastics, thermoplastics can be moulded or injection moulded or transfer moulded. Mainly used for self-lubrication, sealing, insulation and structural materials. Ztelec Group polyimide material has been used in compressor rotor, piston ring and special pump seal and other mechanical components.
Separation Membrane: Used for the separation of various gas pairs, such as hydrogen/nitrogen, nitrogen/oxygen, carbon dioxide/nitrogen or methane, to remove water from air hydrocarbon feed gas and alcohols. It can also be used as pervaporation membrane and ultrafiltration membrane. Because of the heat resistance and solvent resistance of polyimide, it is very important for the separation of organic gases and liquids.

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