Good quality insulated crepe paper ensures the use of power equipment

Our company has been dedicated to the professional production of special wrinkle paper. In the process of continuous improvement of quality, we have created technology and benefits, with annual production capacity of more than one million tons. Create high quality electrical insulation crepe paper with superb technology. Delivery on the day of small orders.

Wrinkle paper wrinkles evenly, there is no choice, damage, trimming should be neat, uniform thickness, paper surface must not have any impurities, pinholes, water edges and pulp blocks.

Insulated crepe paper


1. High voltage resistance and insulation;

2. mechanical toughness;

3. High temperature resistance and heat insulation;

4. chemical compatibility;

5. low temperature performance;

6. Insensitive to humidity;

7. radiation resistance;

8. innocuity.

Insulation corrugated paper is wrapped on transformers, transformers and high voltage cables. It is widely used in transformer factories, transformer factories, reactor factories, electromagnetic wire factories and high voltage cable factories to protect the insulating layer of conductive wires from being damaged.

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