Good Processability of Gpo-3 Board

Gpo-3 board products are wood and insulation materials made of wood, also known as rubber plate and phenolic laminate, which are used for heat insulation, do not generate static electricity, wear resistance and high temperature resistance, and become the insulation switch and variable resistance of electronic products, production line machinery and mold and fixture, and can be used for transformer oil and other products.
Gpo-3 board has excellent electrical, mechanical and processing properties at normal temperature and good processing performance, with a specific gravity of 1.45, or less than 3 ‰.

Main features of Gpo-3 board: high mechanical strength, good anti-static, intermediate electrical insulation, phenolic resin impregnated paper, baking, hot pressing. Mechanical performance requirements, gpo-3 material is suitable for components with high insulation structure of motor and electrical equipment, and can be used in transformer oil. Gpo-3 material product processing technology is complex, which is completed in milling / drilling, tapping and other technical processing.
Gpo-3 board high temperature and aging resistance
Gpo-3 board has obvious advantages of high temperature resistance. Compared with many gpo-3 insulation materials, they need to work in a very high and stable environment. At this time, ordinary insulation materials cannot be completed, which highlights the advantages of the material.

Gpo-3 board has good insulation effect in case of fire
Gpo-3 board has comparative advantages in fire resistance. Even when some small fires meet with materials, even if a fire point is provided, the material can completely block the air gap with the outside world, which is more reliable, and also makes the fire unable to enter the material.
Gpo-3 board will not deform in case of fire
Gpo-3 board does not deform in case of fire, which makes many people shocked, because this good aspect can completely control the fire and solve the bad problems from the root, which must be paid attention to.

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