For the plywood, what is the significance of resin accelerator?

As an insulating material manufacturer, ZTelec Group has a better understanding of resins. The significance of resin accelerators is summarized as follows.then,for the plywood, what is the significance of resin accelerator?


Resin coatings have high reactivity and high cross-linking density, so their corrosion resistance is good. But at the same time, there are some shortcomings in physical and mechanical properties, such as poor elasticity and brittleness, which can be improved by introducing curing agents with flexible segments, such as polyamide with long chain fatty acids.

Resin coatings are often constructed on a large scale in the field. There are toxicity of volatiles and operability problems in wet and low temperature environments. In recent years, a variety of non-toxic or low-toxic modified curing agents, such as modified ketoimide curing agents, have been developed at home and abroad, which have excellent workability, mechanical properties and corrosion resistance.
Above is the basic meaning of resin accelerator, hoping to help customers and friends understand the resin to provide support and help.

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