Q: What’s DMD?

A: DMD is a three layer composite material, non-woven cloth/polyester film/non-woven cloth.

Q: What’s the usage of DMD?

A: It is widely used in slot insulation and liner insulation for motors, and layer insulation for


Q: Why does DMD have different colors?

A: The color of DMD depends on the color of non-woven cloth. Normally, it is white. But it can also be pink or light green etc when customers have special color requirements.

Q: Do you have similar products with DMD?

A: Yes. We also have DM, DMDM, preg DMD, NMN, NHN,  etc. All of them are soft multi-layer composite material. 

Q: Can you provide free samples?

A: Yes. We can provide free samples, but we can’t pay for shipping cost.

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