Different Advantages of Mica Board Application in Different Products

Mica boards can be applied in different industries as a insulation materials. The main component of the mica board is mica. Under normal circumstances, the mica content of the mica board reaches 90%, and the other 10% is usually adhesive such as glue. Today we introduce different advantages of mica board application in different products.

The hard mica board produced by our factory can withstand a temperature of 500 degrees Celsius under a long-term normal operating environment and a high temperature of 850 degrees Celsius in the short term. l
Our plant’s phlogopite is able to operate in a uniform 1000 degrees Celsius environment, and its more popular is that its breakdown resistance is the best in the commodity.
Mica has many physical and chemical properties, such as its good high temperature resistance, heat insulation, and resistance. Therefore, its processed products, mica board, and mica board are mostly used for electrical equipment. The finished mica board is not only used in the electrical field, but also widely used in chemical industries such as building materials, plastics, and rubber.
HP-5 hard white mica board, this product is silvery white, temperature resistant, etc .: 500 ℃ under continuous use, 850 ℃ under intermittent use.
HP-8 hardness phlogopite board, this product is golden, temperature resistant, etc .: temperature resistance under continuous use is 850 ℃, temperature resistance under intermittent use is 1050 ℃.
Excellent high temperature resistance function, high temperature resistance up to 1050 ℃, in the high temperature resistance data, it has outstanding cost performance.
Mica board is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, household appliances and other occupations, such as household ovens, toasters, bread makers, microwave ovens, hair dryers, irons, heating rings, hair curlers, electric combs, industrial electric furnaces, and industrial frequency furnaces. , Refining furnace, intermediate frequency furnace, calcium carbide furnace, ferroalloy, yellow phosphorus furnace, electric arc furnace, power plant, electrolytic aluminum, injection molding machine and other electric heating equipment skeleton data.
The mica board is made of excellent mica paper with high-performance organosilicone, which is a hard tubular edge material processed by bonding and rolling. It has outstanding electrical edge functions and high mechanical strength, and is suitable for cooperation with electric rods or outlet sleeve edges in various electrical appliances, motors, electric smelting furnaces and other equipment.

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