Difference Between Green Shell Paper and Insulating Paper

At present, we still have a certain understanding of insulating paper. Insulating paper is widely used in many fields, but little is known about this kind of insulating material. The insulation effects of these two types of insulation products are very good, but the advantages displayed during use are different. Let’s look at the difference between two types of insulating materials: insulating paper and green shell paper.
1. Insulating paper is made of polyester film coated with F-grade adhesive, and one side is bonded with polyester fiber non-woven fabric, referred to as DMD. Green shell paper is a paper product made of fluoroplastic.

2. Insulating paper has good mechanical strength, dielectric properties and high heat resistance (F grade). It is an insulation material for Y series motors, which can be used as slot insulation, inter-turn layered insulation, pad insulation and transformer insulation for small and medium-sized motors.

3. Green shell paper has strong tensile strength, bending in both directions, 130 ℃ temperature resistance, 4000 volt voltage resistance, no foaming, no glue flow, suitable for electrical appliances, enameled wires, transformer insulation protection. Features: Good insulation, flexibility, water resistance, abrasion resistance, grease resistance, aging resistance, good sealing material.
This is the difference between green shell paper and insulating paper. The differences in color, raw materials, and performance characteristics between green shell paper and insulating paper are described in detail above. Our customers can understand the use of these two insulation products in more detail, and can help you to have a suitable choice and operation in your own electrical industry, and give full play to its value.

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