Determinants of Electrical Insulation Material Performance

In the electrical industry, there are various circuit facilities. In the circuit facilities, various types of insulation materials are often used. The requirements for these insulation materials are also very strict. However, for different fields of use, the selected insulation materials may have Different, then what are the key factors that determine the performance of insulating materials? Let’s look at the influencing factors.
Frist, Arc resistance of electrical insulation materials:
The ability of electrical insulation materials to resist arc infections along their surfaces under specific implementation conditions. When implemented, high voltage and small current are exchanged, and the arc resistance of the insulating material is judged by the time required to form a conductive layer by the effect of an arc generated between the two electrodes on the surface of the insulating material by the high voltage. Generally, the larger the time value, the better the arc resistance.
electrical insulation material
Second, the breakdown voltage and electrical strength of electrical insulation materials:
Under a certain strong electric field, the insulation material is destroyed, and the insulation performance of the insulation ladder becomes conductive, which is called breakdown. The voltage at breakdown is called the breakdown voltage. Electric strength is the quotient of the voltage when a breakdown occurs under certain conditions and the distance between the two electrodes as an applied voltage, that is, the breakdown voltage acting on a unit thickness. For insulating materials, the higher the breakdown voltage and electrical strength, the better.
electrical insulation material
Third, Ignition resistance of electrical insulation materials:
With the increasing application of insulation materials, the requirements for their flame retardancy points are getting higher and higher. Many manufacturers have begun to use various methods to continuously improve the flame resistance of insulating materials. The higher the ignition resistance, the better the safety.
electrical insulation material

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