Delivery of Epoxy Board Samples in Indonesia

Today, the epoxy board samples for Indonesian customers are out, and the parameters are customized according to customers’ needs. A week ago, the customer came to our factory for a visit. He was very confident about our processing process, provided his sample parameters, and asked us to provide samples as soon as possible and mail them to facilitate the customer’s relevant tests. Epoxy resin board is also called insulation board, epoxy board and 3240 epoxy board. Epoxy resin is a kind of organic polymer compound containing two or more epoxy groups in the molecule. Except for some, their relative molecular weight is not high.
The customer is mainly used in the insulation naterials of transformer. Properties: the cured epoxy resin system has excellent mechanical properties, high mechanical strength at medium temperature and good electrical stability at high humidity.
epoxy boards
Parameter introduction of Indonesian epoxy board samples:
Temperature resistance class: Class B
Color: yellow, red, green, black, etc. (it can be added and mixed into many colors)
Electrical property: the cured epoxy resin system is an excellent insulating material with high dielectric property, resistance to surface leakage and resistance to electric arc
Application: suitable for mechanical, electrical, electronic, electrical and other fields. It is also used for the processing of insulating parts, which can be processed into various insulating parts and components of equipment insulation structure.
Thickness: 0.5-50 mm under normal conditions, and 50-150 mm thick plate can also be produced as required. The customer’s sample is the customized thickness.
The reaction between epoxy resin and curing agent is carried out by direct addition reaction or ring opening polymerization of epoxides in resin molecules, without water or other volatile by-products. Compared with unsaturated polyester resin and phenolic resin, they show very low shrinkage (less than 2%) during curing.
After one week, the customer will receive the sample of epoxy board samples and do the relevant product test. After the test, the customer will place a formal order. We believe that customers will be satisfied with our products!

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