Application Range of Epoxy Glass Cloth

Epoxy glass cloth is widely used in dry-type transformers and reactors with filler casting as a insulation materials. It is firmly combined with the epoxy resin of the casting coil. It is like a reinforced frame in concrete. It can prevent the casting parts from The outer insulation of the coil is cracked due to the cold and heat effect and the huge electric force when the coil is suddenly short-circuited, which greatly improves the overall mechanical strength of the coil, and it is harmless to human health compared with chopped glass fiber felt. The ideal environment-friendly insulating material has been widely used in developed countries in the West today, and it is also the ideal insulating material preferred by epoxy casting dry-type transformer manufacturers in China.

Gray fabric of epoxy glass cloth: alkali-free glass fiber yarn treated with silane type sizing agent, polyester yarn.
Epoxy glass cloth impregnated rubber composition: high-quality epoxy resin, curing agent, dyeing agent, etc.

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