Application and Characteristics of Electrical Insulation Crepe Paper

Insulating crepe paper is one of the main solid edge materials in oil-paper insulation system of transformer, which directly affects the quality and life of transformer. It is made of high purity insulating wood pulp, which is machined from cable paper. The product has high strength, good elongation and neutral PH value. This product is suitable for winding insulation of oil-immersed transformer, reactor and transformer. The maximum quantity of base material is 130g per square metre, and the maximum longitudinal elongation is 200% or according to user’s requirements. It is mainly used for grade A winding insulation of oil-immersed transformer and insulation paper of current transformer and high voltage ceramic products.

In the production of many electrical equipment, there are many lines involved, so insulation materials are often needed. General electrical machinery and appliances are composed of conductor materials, magnetic materials, insulating materials and structural materials. Except for insulating materials, most of the other materials are metal materials. In the operation of electrical machinery, it is inevitable to be affected by temperature, electrical and mechanical stress and vibration, harmful gases, chemicals, humidity, dust and radiation. Compared with other component materials, insulating materials are more sensitive. If these factors occur, the insulation material will deteriorate and other phenomena, so that we can detect the problem early and deal with it in time.

The development of high-voltage cable insulation materials in China lags behind that of high-voltage power cables, resulting in the breakage of high-voltage cable industry chain in China. The price and supply of high-voltage cable insulation materials are bound to be restricted by foreign suppliers.
The localization of HV cable insulation materials has three meanings for the cable industry. First, the localization of HV cable insulation breaks the international monopoly. Through technological innovation, domestic manufacturers have upgraded the insulation industry and mastered advanced manufacturing methods, which is conducive to the technological upgrading of the whole industry. Secondly, the localization of high-pressure materials has local advantages. In terms of transportation radius, delivery timeliness and supply guarantee, it is no longer restricted by foreign enterprises, and has great significance for national power security. Third, the application of advanced technology is conducive to the domestic development of more high-quality, high-grade cable materials, leading to the development of the entire cable material industry.

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