60-Year History, 60-Year Experience

ZTELEC company was founded in 1958, a national enterprise offering electric insulation systems and components for national motor and power companies, military and aviation enterprises. With 60 years’ production experience and R&D experience, it comes to now Zhongtian Group which mainly provides insulation materials, special materials, power transmission and transformation whole set, transformers, enameled copper wire and etc. We are the most powerful and competitive manufacturer, also a system solution provider in the industry.

60-year professional experience, centered on the power transmission and transformation industry, our company has 5 major brands covering insulation materials, electronic copper clad sheet, enameled wire, transformer, power transmission and distribution industry etc. Xujue, Zhongtian, Baoshi are all famous trademarks in China.


Five Branches, An Engineering Institute

ZTELEC now has five branches, and an engineering institute. The total area reaches 300 thousand square meters. Technical personnel occupies 26% of the total staff, and college degree or above accounts for 38% of the total number of employees.

ZTELEC has 36 national invention patents, seven categories, more than 160 varieties, including 38 national high-tech products. It ranked the top three in the insulation material industry while ranked first in the special insulation material industry.

ZTELEC is a top brand group company strongly supported by our own R&D team. ZTELEC keeps extending its industrial chain in the field of power industry, and integrates research, development, production, and sales of major products like Dupont technology dry type transformer, oil-immersed power transformer, phase-shifting rectifier transformer, mining flameproof dry-type transformers, pre-installed type transformer substation, high and low voltage switchgear, smart grid system, electrical system, electrical system (below 35 kv), electromagnetic wire and other high-tech products. Manufacturing technology reaches domestic advanced level, and meet the needs of the current electrical power equipment industry development.

Integrity, Innovation, Hard Working, Unity

ZTELEC Group adheres to the enterprise spirit of “Integrity, Innovation, Hard Working and Unity”,  and promise to provide excellent service and reliable products for our customers.


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